The Tupac Encyclopedia

The Tupac Encyclopedia – Volume 1 cover art by Eugene Namikas

The Tupac Encyclopedia – Volume 1 is FINALLY available on!

Volume 1 covers the first half of the alphabet, is 794 pages long (including the sources list at the end), and retails for $24.99 USD. Below are links to my book on Amazon sites around the world: (USA)
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Because I wanted the book to be affordable, I could not include its illustrations in their original color format. I am therefore sharing my father’s illustrations (along with detailed descriptions of them) on my website here.

Check out the book description on the back cover below:

Poet. Prophet. Thug. Martyr. Tupac Shakur was beloved, despised, and misunderstood in equal measures. Born into poverty to parents who were Black Panthers, he became a worldwide cultural icon, selling millions of records before being gunned down at the age of twenty-five. More than a quarter-century later, his provocative lyrics, outlaw charisma, matinee idol looks, and cinematic life story make him as relevant as ever, and The Tupac Encyclopedia is the most comprehensive book ever written about hip hop’s most controversial artist.

The Tupac Encyclopedia features exhaustively researched articles analyzing Tupac’s albums and songs, the people who collaborated with him, his film career, the times that shaped him, the women who loved him, his activism, his troubles with the law, his feud with The Notorious B.I.G., the artists he inspired, the jewelry he wore, and much more.

Tupac’s messages of hope and despair still resonate, and The Tupac Encyclopedia could not be timelier. Listeners who grew up in the ‘90s never forgot him and rappers, such as Kendrick Lamar, dedicate songs to his memory. The pages of this first of two volumes explore nearly every aspect of Tupac’s music and life. With its unrivaled level of detail, The Tupac Encyclopedia will enlighten even the most obsessive rap scholar.