The Tupac Encyclopedia, Volume 1

Poet. Prophet. Thug. Martyr. Tupac Shakur was beloved, despised, and misunderstood in equal measures. Born into poverty to parents who were Black Panthers, he became the most popular and enduring musician of his generation, selling millions of records before being murdered at the age of twenty-five. More than twenty years later, his provocative lyrics, outlaw charisma, matinee idol looks, and cinematic life story make him as popular as ever, and The Tupac Encyclopedia is the most comprehensive book ever written about hip hop’s greatest icon.

The Tupac Encyclopedia features exhaustively researched articles on Tupac’s music, his collaborators, his film career, the times that shaped him, the street gangs that allegedly murdered him, his love life, his passion for improving the lives of underprivileged children, his troubles with the law, the origins and consequences of his war against The Notorious B.I.G., the jewelry he wore, the artists he inspired, and much more.

With racism and injustice continuing to plague America, Tupac’s messages of hope and despair still resonate, and The Tupac Encyclopedia could not be timelier. Listeners who grew up in the ‘90s have never forgotten him, while young rappers such as Kendrick Lamar dedicate their songs to him. The pages of this volume explore nearly every aspect of Tupac’s music and life. With its unrivaled level of detail, The Tupac Encyclopedia will enlighten even the most obsessive rap listeners.

The Tupac Encyclopedia will be available on in 2021.

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